Historical events and sites
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Indians in Eshom Valley

How Eshom Valley got its name

How Badger got its name

Bager Post Office Closes after 143 Years

Sontag and Evans
  County Record of Evans Infant Burial on Redwood Mountain
  Mussel Slough
  Fort Defiance
  Camp Manzanita
  More about Stone Corral
  The peace officers battle over reward
  What happened to Chris Evans' Property?
  Local involvement
  Visalia play at Fox Theater
  Who was Ed Morrell?

Dolbeer Steam Donkey

Last Grizzly in California killed at Horse Corral

Rescue crews strive to reach marooned families at Eshom

1892 Tulare County Atlas
(includes property owners)

Chicago Stump

Boole Tree

Hume Lake

Eshom Valley full of water?

Kaweah Colony

Converse basin

Tunston Mine



Shorty Lovelace

A Town Called "Beulah"

Horse race in Eshom Valley

Sierra School Burns

Badger's first volunteer fire dept

Badger citizens relunctant to share

Eshom Valley Cemetery Inventory

Tales From the Tomb 2010

Pendola's Blast Makes Newspaper

Earliest Settlers

Old Ranches

Millwood Mill Site

Millwood Gravesites

Basey Still

The Dalton Gang

1850 Map of Tulares Valley 753kb

Tulare Lake

Wild Horses

Kings River Flume

Some History of Tulare County

Hart Family

John Breckenridge

Walt Robinson

Ash Sping School

Pop Watts

Marraige Licenses 1891-1908

Badger Post Office closes after 143 years