The Basey Still
Basey originally built the Mountain House in the early 1920's. Prohibition soon was passed and put Basey in a bind. A still was built down toward Auckland and the booze was covertly sold at the Mountain House.
Cook stove This is the cook stove used for the Basey Still. It is near it's original position.

This is what's left of the foundation for the still. The cookstove has been moved to just a few feet away. Still foundation

Mountain House
The Mountain House is still in operation as a family business. The original building that Basey used burned in the early 1930's. In 1946 Pard Johnson built this building. (This is the same year that electricity was brought to Badger and Eshom Valley) Before Bob Spence acquired it, the establishment passed through the hands of Joe & Nora Gonzales, Paul Harlan, Elsie Allen, Martha & Ralph Dimeline, Jerry & Shirley Mullins, Sherry Gongwer and Penny Gelhaus (sisters) . Remodeling over the years includes additional rooms including restrooms and a deck on the north side. More