A favorite ride is the loop up to Mountain House. Only 45 minutes from Visalia, this destination in the Sierra Nevada foothills is a real treat. This destination is in the middle of a loop. Beginning east bound on Highway 198, the loop is completed via Highway 245 and Dry Creek Drive (J21). Direction of the loop matters little. Both roads contain curvy mountain roads that demand attention and respect. Follow the signs to Badger to the point where Highway 245 and Dry Creek merge.

The trip up from the valley floor to 3,000 feet where Sisters Mountain House resides is a varied and changing landscape. This destination is just far enough away to be a real trip, but close enough to allow one to slow down and take in the scenery. In the spring and fall some of the best foothill scenery can be enjoyed.

Upon arriving you will discover that there is no striped parking and the little building looks like it has never seen the likes of a paint brush or finish carpenter. Up front there is a bar and table seating, and in the back a pool table and seating that leads out to the back deck. Note the bar top has been branded with the local ranch brands.