After 143 years, Badger Post Office closes

Myron Woodard was the first postmaster in 1870. He established the Post Office and applied for postmaster. The new PO needed a name, so Woodard named it after his home state of Wisconsin, the Badger state.
The mail arrived at the Post Office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Originally at the Badger Store, the PO was put on skids and moved to the Tulare County Road Yard. Later, partly to increase a customer base, Beverly Barton moved it to Sierra Glen. When Sierra Glen was closed for thirteen years, the post office was moved back to Badger Inn, then again, back to Sierra Glen.

For years, the post office was considered an asset to the Sierra Glen Store in that people checking their mail would also stop at the store. Recently that thought was abandoned and the present owner began charging rent. Originally charging a minimal rent, the amount was repeatedly increased to force the post office to move or close. Finding an existing building was the first plan to keep the post office open. Bringing the old store at Badger up to county permit standards turned out to be prohibitive. An alternative plan, was to move an office trailer on to rent free land, but again, county permit costs would cause the operation to lose money.


Gail McClard was the last postmaster. She operarated the post office for nine years.

The Badger Post Office was officially closed on September 28, 2013. Those people who received their mail at the Badger Post Office, must do one of the following; Place a mailbox at their driveway in areas already receiving rural delivery, obtain a box at cluster mailboxes, or rent a box at the Miramonte Post Office.