Local Involvement

Local people of the foothills of Tulare and Fresno Counties were not always indifferent to the at-large outlaws, Evans and Sontag. Many of Evan's friends in the mountains were from Tennessee, as was Evans. These people were more likely to believe and side with Evans than the government. Listed below are a few of the mountain people who had some sort of relationship with Evans.

Loggers of Sequoia Mill were friendly with Evans and Sontag. They fed them and gave them a tour of the lumber mill.

Many members of the Barton family were friends to Evans.

Jane Bierer was a friend of Evans and had engaged to care for the small Evans children.

The Tom Collier family fed Evans and Sontag.

Maggie Crose, daughter of Bill Downing was a friend to Evans and provided aid.

Bill Downing would often deliver messages and provide supplies. This was Evans' most trusted friend.

Jane Downing fed both Evans and Sontag and nursed Sontag back to health after he was shot at Young's cabin.

Sam Ellis, Tulare County Supervisor, had been a friend of Evans, but was once a posse member. After a visit by Evans, he never joined a posse again.

Jennie Cortner Ellis was a long time friend of Evans and may be why her husband, Sam, was not killed by Evans. She and Molly Evans attended school together at Auckland.

William Elam, husband of Aldulah Melisa Cortner and brother-in-law to Jennie Ellis, was detained by Evans as he did not trust him to not report his location. He was also a member of the Wilson's posse.

Mary Ann Jordan Cortner, mother of Jennie Ellis and Aldulah Elam, cooked dinner for Evans and Sontag at the Sam Ellis home.

The Perkins family dressed Evans wounds after the battle at Stone Corral. Jane Perkins had married Perry Byrd, brother of Molly Byrd Evans. Janes' brother, Elijah would be the one to go to Visalia and tell the sheriff of Evans location.

Mrs. Richard Place, a neighbor of Evans sometimes knew when Evans was at home and did not divulge this fact.

Maggie Rucker sometimes provided a hiding place for Sontag and Evans, as she had previously done for the Dalton's.

Wesley Lovern was among the loggers at Sequoia Mill who fed Evans and gave a tour of the sawmill.

Josiah "Si" Lovern, a Visalia saloon keeper, was a friend of Evans. He was brother to Wesley.

Clarke Moore and John Coffee were personal friends of Evans. Moore occasionally delivered messages. Moore fed and sheltered the Evans and Sontag.

Ed Morrell was a friend of Evans and broke Evans out of jail after the shootout at Stone Corral.

Clara Moelke, cousin of Maggie Crose, was an Evans friend.

Walter Robinson was a friend of Evans.

James Leslie was a friend of Evans and testified in court that Evans had spent the night at the Leslie home, corroborating Evans story. Later, in an interview, he admitted that he thought Evans was guilty of robbing trains.

Virginia Stapp knew Evans and was a mediator between other locals and media for interviews.

Freemen Thomas, son of Mary Ann Jordan Thomas Cortner and half brother to Jennie Cortner Ellis, knew of Evans' location at the Ellis ranch and told a young Dutch boy who in turn told William Russell, who returned to Visalia to inform the posse.

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