Millwood Gravesites

These two grave sites are located about a mile from the old Millwood sawmill town.
More information about Millwood.
This is the grave site of Ruby Ellington, a lady of the night.
This site is about a mile southeast of Millwood.
The gravesite is located on a knowl, and is bound by a white picket fence.
Ruby was a twenty-two year old woman who shared a group of rough
cabins with about fifteen other young women in what was the "red light" district.
From the Visalia Weekly Delta:
-A courtesan by the name of Lou Young committed suicide at the
Sequoia Mills (Millwood) on Tuesday, July 31st, 1894 by taking poison.
She had attempted to take her life on two previous occasions.
Her true name is Ruby Ellington and she left a husband and two
children in Tehachapi.
John Miller, aged six months, rests here.
This site is about a mile west of Millwood.
No more information is available about Miller.