The Hart Family

Michael and Sarah Hart moved to upper Eshom Valley in 1864 from Calaveras County. They brought along their children, Liz, Jane, Annie, Bill and Alice. Alice was born in 1864.

Two reasons caused them to pick upper Eshom Valley for their home. First, Eshom Creek spilled off Eshom Falls and into the valley, providing an abundant water supply. Second, there was an abandoned cabin located there, giving shelter without the work envolved to build a cabin.

The cabin had previously been occupied by two men, named Childers and Breckenridge.

What the Hart's didn't know about this cabin, is that a killing had recently taken place. After a quarrel with the local Indians, John Breckenridge was killed in the cabin. see story

The Harts, as well as many other local people, found that Eshom Valley was a good escape from the heat of the San Joaquin Valley. Tents were set up all along the west side of Eshom Valley.

Bill Hart had opened a new sawmill up on Eshom Creek in 1912. The location of the mill was known as "Clipper Flat", now known as Hartland. He homesteaded a place on Dry Creek where the FairLea Horse Ranch is today.