Hartland has always been there, but it was not always called Hartland.

In the late 1800's, Bill Hart's Sawmill was the only building along Eshom Creek in lower Clipper Flat. The mill operated  at Clipper Fat for a few years and then was moved to upper Dry Creek near what is known as Dark Canyon. The mill, after changing hands, became the Buckman Mill and the site still carries that name.
Hart Cabin
After the mill closed, Clipper Flat became a Mecca for summer campers. There was quite a clamor for permanent summer places. Bill Hart had the first cabin here and began to divide his 320 acres into parcels to accommodate summer homes.

Bill Hart at his cabin among the pines at his mill site on Eshom Creek. He later developed the resort area, Hartland.

In 1920, Bill surveyed out several lots and roads. Liking children, he set aside the main part of the flat for a playground with access to the creek. It was stipulated on the plat that this was a playground for all and was not to become a homesite for anyone. By 1921, the first batch of lots sold immediately for $75 each.  

John Ropes, owner and editor of the Woodlake Echo, wanting a place for seclusion for himself and his family, built his cabin near the creek on the north end of the flat. Ropes was a very good friend of the Harts, and just couldn't put a connection between Bill Hart and Clipper Flat. He took it upon himself to rename the new summer resort "Hartland" and it has been ever since.

Located east of Hartland in Redwood Canyon is one of the largest redwood trees in the world. The Hart Tree is also named for William Hart. Here is a list of the 35 largest Sequoias in the world.